STAGIONE 2018-19

16 settembre, ore 16.30
RITRATTO A 2_laboratorio di ritratto e acquerello
il laboratorio, condotto da serena marangon, partecipa a the big draw...
dal 15 al 18 settembre
MOSTRA_La Croce Rossa e la Grande Guerra
presso sala bottesini - fondazione san domenico
dal 22 settembre al 14 ottobre
MOSTRA_Giorgio Melzi
quando i pittori dicono ³prima² intendono di solito l'aggettivo:...
STAGIONE 2018-19
MOSTRA_ Stefano Ogliar Badessi
quando:  dal 4 al 19 maggio
alle ore: ore 17.00
dove: galleria arteatro




I was inspired to create unique types of sculptures using common materials and found objects. This new-found perspective into sculpting opened a door and allowed me a new way to travel- travel as art. In this way, travel and observation provided a simple way for me to explore relationships between culture, people, objects and space. This method is now reflected in my sculptures and installations- I can go anywhere, make art anywhere and with any material. I can simul- taneously fuel my imagination with experiences and create new designs related to what I find. My current projects are based on the concept to recreate the feelings of freedom and curiosity that I experience while traveling and transform them into abstract spaces. I make balloon installations using the most common materials I can find (currently plastic bags and tape) and use them to create installations that play with light, transparency, shape and color.